• ChanceChain

    September 7th-October 18th, 2018: Foundational Funding Round

    October 19th-November 28th, 2018: Seed Funding Round

    November 29th-December 29th, 2018: Pre-ICO Round

    Token Sale is Live

    Foundational Funding Round


  • It is time to take your own chance

    You never know how perfect something might turn out to be
  • One chance is all your need. Come with me

    The best thing you could give someone is a CHANCE

What is ChanceChain

ChanceChain Technology Inc is a Toronto-based blockchain technology company that develops products including ChanceChain DApp. ChanceChain DApp is a social network platform that quantifies individual’s virtual assets and enables transactions of these assets. By chance, we mean an encounter, both expected and unexpected, that will lead to value creation. Resources in various forms that each person possesses can be a valuable and meaningful chance to the others through transactions. read more

Next Generation Internet = Blockchain

Blockchain = Internet of value

ChanceChain = Next Generation Social Networking Platform

Value = Chance

Internet of value social networking = Value networking=ChanceChain

Leaders of Our Community

We are a team of individuals who embrace chances. We know how a small chance could evolve into something marvelous.

A Pioneer Canadian Technology Company with Robust Blockchain Basis

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