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ChanceChain Technology Inc is a Toronto-based blockchain technology company that develops products including ChanceChain DApp. ChanceChain DApp is a social network platform that quantifies individual’s virtual assets and enables transactions of these assets. By chance, we mean an encounter, both expected and unexpected, that will lead to value creation. Resources in various forms that each person possesses can be a valuable and meaningful chance to the others through transactions.

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About Team

Eric Liu


University of Reading, MSc 

Serial Entrepreneur, including Cuanbao Financial Service and Shenjia Social Media Tech Ltd. He was the judge for China-Canada Entrepreneurship competition, sponsored by the Shenzhen government. He used to be an investment banking manager with Citic Bank, Beijing, China. 

Ethan Guo


Harvard University, MBA 

Finalist of the 2017 Innovation Star-up International Competition held in Shenzhen, China, and the Global champion of JS-TV’s live show “One-Stop to End”. He was an Investment Banking manager with Edward Jones, a Fortune Global 500 firm, where he managed around USD$200Million. He is also a poet with a published book Impression. 

Anna Wang


University of Toronto, MFE 

Founder of Lemon Ginger, an Online-to-Offline e-commerce platform based in Vancouver, Canada. She has also been deeply involved in the Engineering Hatchery of the University of Toronto, the Beacon Entrepreneurship Forum, Richmond Central Hospital Charity Fund, and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. 

Scott Han


Beijing University of Technology, MSc 

Certified Solidity and Ethereum developer and experienced product manager. He used to be the Technology Director and Regional Product Manager of Wincor Nixdorf and CTO of Shanghai Xunyuan Information Ltd., with twenty years of industry experience in innovation, especially in the fields of payment, mobile development, POS management, and branch automation. 

Sara Shi

Operation Manager

University of Adelaide, MFin 

Energetic PR expert, who used to be a Futures Sales and Trading analyst at Mid-Term Asset management firm, Australia. She is now in charge of market development, client sourcing and events planning with strong relationships with Toronto-based businesses and local communities. 

Xiao Lu


Founder of Zero Media, market research consultant at ruanwen.cn, and business analysis specialist at Hengrun Business Institute. She founded the Zero Media in 2009, now covers over 30,000 businesses and clients, including brands such as Laiyifen, Xiamang, Yinyun Mama etc. 

Chao Shen

Senior Engineer

University of Toronto, ECE 

Expert in Java, Solidity, Swift, C++, Python, JavaScrip, Node.js, HTML, XML and Verilog. He is experienced in developing Ethereum-based platforms, and was the co-founder of Tapplock, Canada. 

Jake Zhang

Senior Engineer

University of Toronto, ECE 

Self-motivated developer who launched ItemLeash, an Android-based Bluetooth communication application. He used to work at Lenovo, Canada and is an expert in developing mobile end applications. He is responsible for front-end development at ChanceChain. 

Hao Zhang

Senior Engineer

University of Toronto, ECE 

Experienced independent developer for DApp via node.js and for smart contract in solidity. He oversees combing the web3js and restful api technology in realizing the synchronized communication between the web front-end and back-end. 

Xuechuan Mi

Senior Engineer

University of Toronto, ECE 

Experienced in full stack development. He used to be a developer with IBM, Shanghai and is an expert in C++, java, swift with a focus on building architecture and hybrid multi-language cross platform. 

Brucerock Ng


University of Toronto, HBSc 

Entrepreneur with solid IT development and business knowledge. Software Development Lead at major Canadian bank. Co-founded multiple IT start-ups in different industries with more than 1000 business partners. Has acquired prosperous societal resources and working knowledge in business development and corporate cooperation. 

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